Two New Grants Announced for March

The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation is pleased to announce these two new grants for March 2017:

  • A grant to Allied Media Projects, Detroit, Mich., to help support the marketing campaign for D-town Sound, a documentary video series by the film collective Raising Voices! Combining past and present, the series uses archival footage, contemporary performances, and personal stories to highlight the contributions of LGBTQI musicians of color to the musical legacy of Detroit.
  • A grant to Film London, London, U.K., to help fund the production of the short live-action film Wren Boys, by Try Hard Productions. Directed by Harry Lighton, the film is set on the first St. Stephen’s Day (Dec. 26) after the 2015 Irish referendum legalizing same-sex marriage. Following a small-town priest who conducts a marriage ceremony for his gay nephew and a prison inmate, the film juxtaposes the new, progressive attitude toward marriage with the cruel, now-illegal St. Stephen’s Day tradition known as The Hunting of the Wren.