Three New Grants Awarded in April

The foundation is pleased to announce three new production grants:

  • A grant to Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, Calif., to help support the San Diego premiere of Bull in a China Shop, by Bryna Turner. The play follows the lives and careers of Mount Holyoke College president Mary Woolley and her partner, Jeannette Marks, as the pair reform and revolutionize women’s education at the height of the suffrage movement. Inspired by letters Woolley and Marks exchanged from the 1890s through the 1930s, the play will have a four-week run in the fall of this year. For more information, consult Diversionary Theatre’s website.
  • A grant to the New York Musical Festival, New York City, to assist in the production of Sonata 1962, by Patricia Loughrey (writer) and Thomas Hodges (composer). Set in 1962, the musical centers on the devastating decision of a mother to try cure her musically talented daughter of the “mental illness” of homosexuality through electroconvulsive therapy. Sonata 1962 will receive five performances (July 29–August 5) at this year’s New York Musical Festival. Visit the festival website for more information.
  • A grant to the Theater for the New City, New York City, to support the production of Barbara Kahn’s new play, Verzets Amsterdam. The play recounts the true story of a lesbian and a gay man who formed a group of artists to resist the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam during World War II in order to save Dutch Jews from deportation and murder. The play runs from April 5 through April 22. For show times and tickets, visit the Theater for the New City’s website.