Competition Awards


  • First Prize ($3,000)
    James Robert-Moore, of London, U.K., for Posterboy (Based on the Autobiography “Out in the Army”)
  • Second Prize ($1,500)
    Raquel Almazan, of New York City, for La Paloma Prisoner
    Ben Noble, of Northcote, Victoria, Australia, for Member
  • Honorable Mention ($500)
    Christina Quintana, of New York City, for Azul
    Jack Rushen, of Stratford, Connecticut, for Taming the Lion
    Mark Saltzman, of Studio City, California, for Falling for Make Believe: The Life and Songs of Lorenz Hart


  • First prize ($3,000)
    Donja R. Love of Jersey City, N.J., for Sugar in Our Wounds
  • Second prize ($1,500)
    Sevan K. Greene of New York, N.Y. for The House of In Between
  • Honorable Mention ($500 each)
    Daniel Loftman Hurewitz of Brooklyn, N.Y., for Reclamation
    T. Berto, of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, for ROW
    Will Snider of Del Mar., Calif., for Strange Men
    Lachlan Philpott of Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia, for The Trouble with Harry


  • First prize ($3,000)
    Cody Daigle of Willington, Conn., for The Bottom of the Sea
  • Second prize (tie) ($1,500 each)
    Edward Einhorn of New York, N.Y. for The Marriage of Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein
    Norman Allen of Washington, D.C., for The Operators
  • Honorable Mention ($500 each)
    Christopher Bryant of Melbourne, Australia, for The Mutant Man
    JJ Buechner of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., for Chasing Charles
    Charles Leipart of New York, N.Y., for A Kind of Marriage
    Amanda Padoan of Gava, Catalunya, for One Very Long Moment


  • First Prize ($3,000)
    Jen Silverman of Queens, N.Y., for The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane
  • Second Prize (tie) ($1,500 each)
    Susan Miller of New York, N.Y., for Average American
    Robert Matson of Edmond, Okla., for Mr. and Mister
  • Honorable Mention ($500 each)
    Hal Corley of Summit, N.J., for Married North
    Hansol Jung of Shelton, Conn., for Cardboard Piano
    A. Rey Pamatmat of Queens, N.Y., for Pure


  • First Prize ($3,000)
    Donald Jolly of Los Angeles, Calif., for bonded
  • Second Prize ($1,500)
    Christina Hulen of Eagle Rock, Calif., for Sweetwater
  • Honorable Mentions ($500 each)
    Eric Anderson of Honomu, Hawaii, for Back Porch
    Philip Gerson of Studio City, Calif., for Jumping Blind
    Dipika Guha of New Haven, Conn., for Herculine and Lola
    Chris Payne of New York, N.Y., for Somebody’s Son
    Topher Payne of Atlanta, Ga., for Perfect Arrangement

2008/2009 (PLAYWRITING)

  • $800 awards
    William di Canzio of Drexel Hill, Pa., for Dolby
    James McLinden of Northampton, Mass., for For Unto Us
  • $100 awards
    William Deacon and Timothy Constant of Costa Mesa, Calif., for And Flights of Angels Sing Thee
    Mike Folie of Congers, New York, for Alfred Kinsey: A Love Story
    David Leddy of Glasgow, Scotland, for Faction
    Gene Franklin Smith of Pacific Palisades, Calif., for Boise, USA


  • $1,000 awards
    Robert Askins of New York, N.Y., for Clean Living
    Diana Star Helmer and Thomas S. Owens of Perry, Iowa, for Morty’s Mother Marched
    Tracy Wynn of Concord, Mass., for “Mrs. Somebody Somebody”


  • $2,000 award
    Merlyn A. Hermes of Portland, Ore., for The Lunatic, the Lover and the Poet
  • $1,000 awards
    Joy Shayne Laughter of Seattle, Wash., for Yu
    Dick Wagenaar of Newburgh, N.Y., for Koryo
  • $500 award
    M. M. DeVoe of New York, N.Y., for Burn in Our Hearts


  • $1,000 awards
    David Brendan Hopes of Asheville, N.C., for St. Patrick’s Well
    David Alan Moore of Chicago, Ill., for In Times of War
  • $500 award
    Jordan Harrison of Bainbridge Island, Wash., for Act a Lady
  • $250 awards
    Anton Dudley of Brooklyn, New York, for The Lake’s End
    Brian Quirk of New York, N.Y., for Mapplethorpe: The Opening
    Brian Sloan of New York, N.Y., for WTC View
    James Still of Venice, Calif., for Iron Kisses


  • $1,000 awards
    Quiara Alegria Hudes of New York, N.Y., for “Stargazers”
    Dennis Jordan of New York, N.Y., for “Sweet Jerome”
    C. Kevin Smith of Big Sur, Calif., for “Not the Last of the Mohicans”
  • $500 awards
    Joel A. Nichols of Philadelphia, Pa., for “Angels on Water”
    Wendell Ricketts of San Francisco, Calif., for “Speedos and a Sweatshirt”
  • $250 awards
    Donna Barr of Bremerton, Wash., for “A Good Example”
    Carolyn Gage of Portland, Maine, for Entr’acte
    Veronica Holtz of Philadelphia, Pa., for “A Respectful Distance”
    Neil Ellis Orts of Houston, Tex., for “Men Dancing”
    Donald Yonker of New York, N.Y., for “Everything I Know I Learned from Musical Comedy”


  • $1,500 awards
    Chip Livingston of New York, N.Y., for Owls Don’t Have to Mean Death
    Raymond Luczak of New York, N.Y., for Men with Their Hands
  • $500 award
    William E. James Jr. of Ypsilanti, Mich., for Gullah Jac’s Machete
  • Honorable mention
    Martha Miller of Springfield, Ill., for Tales from the Levee


  • $1,000 awards
    Joe Byers of Brookline, Mass., for Shakerman
    David Johnston of New York, N.Y., for Candy & Dorothy
    R. L. Nesvet of Bethesda, Md., for The Shape Shifter
  • $500 awards
    donnarkevic of Philippi, W.V., for The Interview
    David F. Smith of Lakewood Ranch, Fla., for Grace
  • Honorable mentions
    Patti Aldredge of Houston, Tex., for Shadow and Substance
    Jorje Ignacio Cortiñas of Jackson Heights, N.Y., for Blind Mouth Ditch
    Barbara Kahn and Jay Kerr of New York, N.Y., for War Bonds
    Lesléa Newman of Northampton, Mass., for A Letter to Harvey Milk
    Steve Willis of Greensboro, N.C., for Passing Ceremonies


  • Jobert Abueva of New Hope, Pa., for “Postmortem”
  • Edward M. Cohen of West Park, N.Y., for “Birth of the Revolution”
  • Bev Jafek of Astoria, N.Y., for “The Death of Sappho”
  • Michael Ketterer of Villa Hills, Ky., for “I, Patroclus”
  • Chip Livingston of St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., for “Owls”


  • Gloria Duran of St. Petersburg, Fla., for Catalina, My Father
  • Harlan M. Greene of Charleston, S.C., for The Lost Light
  • Carlyle Johnson of Carrollton, Ga., for Love Comes to King James
  • Maida Tilchen of Somerville, Mass., for Land Beyond Maps


  • Mike Ambrose of Washington, D.C., for Dearboy’s War
  • Dee Jae Cox of North Hollywood, Calif., for Letters Home
  • Tom Oliver Crehore of New York, N.Y., for Private Varnish
  • Michael R. Murphy of San Francisco, Calif., for Lions on the Nile
  • Leigh Silverman of New York, N.Y., for Brandon Teena


  • John P. Parker of San Diego, Calif., for “A Byzantine Noble in Exile Writing Verses”
  • John Weston of Lake Oswego, Ore., for “Moment of Being”
  • Julia Willis of Quincy, Mass., for “Lillian”


  • Jameson Currier of New York, N.Y., for Where the Rainbow Ends
  • Jay Johnson of San Francisco, Calif., for Bluejacket
  • Toby Johnson and Walter Williams of Conifer, Colo., for Two Spirits


  • Carolyn Gage of Lewiston, Maine, for The Last Reading of Charlotte Cushman
  • William MacDuff of Venice, Calif., for Out of the Ordinary